7 Tips for Creation of a Concrete Social Media Content Strategy

Creating content takes time and so you want to benefit from it and gain some rewards. It’s not always possible to hit the nail on the head each time; however there are some great ways to significantly increase your chances of being seen on the web.

Creation of a successful social media content strategy is down to a number of things and we’ve got a list of them to help you gain success and create the content that resonates with your audience.

The Metric and The Goal

You need to align the metric with the goal to ensure you are benefitting to the degree you wish to benefit. So, what should you measure and what aim does it showcase?

  • Traffic should be measured via unique visitors from social websites where you’ve run the campaign
  • If you wish to create a following then look at subscribers following channels
  • For interaction the metric should be quantity and quality of replies
  • Revenue should be the monetary value that each lead a social media post creates

Daily Updates

The more you are seen on social media, the more likely you will succeed. This means you have to take social media sites algorithms into account. There are three keys to this:

  • Frequency – this means posting 1-3 times a day on Facebook and 4-8 a day on Twitter
  • Timing – working hours have been shown as the best time for engagement and to tweet and post.
  • Posts – these should be on multiple sites besides your own blog or site.

Engage in Real Time

Engaging in real time interactions is something that can greatly benefit social media and this is why auto posting really is not all it’s cracked up to be. Even though these posts are idea for one way communication, they don’t engage real conversations and bring the results a real time strategy does.


Facebook changes, then changes and then goes ahead and changes again. Keep on top of the changes to ensure that you are able to stay on top of your fans. Follow sites that keep on top of the changes and set up a Google alert for Facebook changes. These things will ensure you don’t miss out on any radical moves.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is now very important. Hashtags benefit businesses in a number of different manners.

  • They can be tracked across all the large networks and then filtered.
  • They can be used to track promotion success over social platforms
  • URLs aren’t great for starting conversations, your name and a hashtag before is.
  • Hashtags allow for more creative uses than most other branding forms and so are very versatile.


The infographic can be a great way to introduce content and is more likely to be shared than most other forms of content. They are easy to understand and consumer and are a powerful viral marketing tool that work well with social signals.

Justify Social Media

Keep a track of how much you tweet and use social media in comparison to competitors and monitor engagement rates. The more you engage the more you receive in return. Showcase this to management by displaying the benefits a social savvy competitor is gaining, over your lacklustre attempts. After all you want to make the most of the content you create. Informing management of this means that they will be more inclined to pump more time in to social and the business will in turn benefit.

The content you produce takes time, effort and money and making the most of it is an imperative. These tips will help you make more of your media and in doing so reap the rewards.

Cormac Reynolds has written for a number of social media sites. He is a lover of social and creates content for a number of blogs.

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